October, your a mean one!

A few weeks ago, I had all these grand ideas for October. Well, things don't always go as you anticipated but it's all good. You just roll with the punches.

I made it to the apple orchards, not once but twice. Booya! 

Checked Off: 

1. I went once with my super hot husband. 

Then I went again with my silly friends. We had a vegan picnic which was to die for. We split apple pies and even started a book club. 

 2. I filled 7 lonely pots with orange mums! 

3. I made one Starbucks copy cat recipe. It was da bomb! 
Introducing the vibrant Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade. 
The recipe is on the back of the Passion Tea. 
It's really easy....

4 cups water-boiling
4 cups ice water 
4 cups lemonade

1. Pour the boiling water in the pitcher with the tea bag. Let steep for a few minutes. 
2. Take the tea bag out and add the cold water to boiling water in the pitcher. 
3. Add lemonade. 
4. I put mine in the fridge for a few hours before serving. 

*Please refer to the recipe on the Tazo Iced Passion box. *

Unexpected Blessing
Because there are always some you just have to look. 

I took a pitch hitter course. A pitch hitter class shows non-pilots how to fly in case of an emergency which leaves the pilot unable to fly the plane. I figured that it wouldn't hurt. The class was fascinating. Who knew weather and aviation talk could be so interesting. 

"I think we'll be alright kid."

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