How to be a Pinterest Diva!

I love Pinterest! Pinterest has single handedly helped to rid me of big bulky folders full of "to-make" craft projects. Thank you Pinterest. 

If you don't know how to use Pinterest, your in luck because I'm going to show you. I consider this one of those world changer moments (your welcome). 

Step 1: Go to Pinterest

Step 2: Join Pinterest (it's free) 

Step 3: Start browsing through all the incredible ideas, crafts and cleaning tips. Someone pinch me. It's like window shopping but oh so much better. Seriously, someone pinch me. 

Step 4: You can filter results by clicking on "category". My personal favorites are food, crafts and hair. 

Are you having fun yet? 

Step 5: Find something you love and click on the picture. 

Step 6: Choose a folder to file your awesome find. 

Step 7: Pin it! 

Viola! You can now organize and categorize your thoughts, wants and food. Life couldn't be better. 

Ways I use Pinterest 

1. Use Pinterest for a family Christmas wish list

2. Book "To-Read" list 

3. Food "To-Eat" list 

4. Created a "Finished" folder which makes me feel awesome. 

5. I keep a folder labeled "gifts" for quick ideas on last minute presents 

Stay tuned: Tomorrow's post is going to rock your world! I can't wait to share with you all. 

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