Christmas Stockings: Anthropolgie Knockoffs

Christmas is a few months away. Don't worry, I'm not going to be bombarding you with elves and stockings just yet (cough cough). All that aside, Christmas is close and let's just Santa (me) is thinking its time to buy a moleskin journal and start making the naughty and nice list.  With that being said, you can start your elves on something cute and simple like this. 

First things first, gather your supplies. I found most of the stuff I needed at Target and Micheals. I think the whole project was a whopping 7 bucks. That's less than a fast food meal! 

*Note the tangerines were a loving gift from Artsy Snail (not necessary for the craft) 

I found this craft over at Henry Happened

The directions were easy to follow and the craft itself was super affordable and adorably cute. I've gotten complements on them every time I wear mine. I would be lying if I didn't mention that I glow with pride when I proclaim: "I made them!". 

*Hint Hint: I'm thinking Christmas. 

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Mrs. Veronica said...

I like how she mentions she needs bright things to distract from her crazy hair. I can relate. Very very cute.