Best Cooking App:Pepperplate

As promised today, I'm going to show you one of the best apps on the market. This is my humblest opinion, but this app truly rocks my world. 

I'm a lister. I'm a planner. I'm someone who goes to the store with my list in hand and I don't sway from the list (except down the ice cream aisle). 

I usually sit down on Sunday night and pull out my big binder of tried and true recipes and I write out my grocery list for the week. By the end of this madness I have grocery ads, coupons and recipes scattered all over the living room floor. I'm a mess. 

I emerge from this mess with one awesome list, which I take the store. Honestly, I make about 75% of the recipes I plan to but somewhere in the middle of the week I can 't remember where the recipe is, which book, magazine or blog I got the recipe from and we end up ordering pizza. 

I'm one hot mess. 

Alas, my life was about to change thanks to a chance encounter with a stranger during a cooking class. I was taking notes with one of my favorite apps when a stranger tapped me on the shoulder and said "have you discovered Pepperplate?".  I quickly said "no. I'll write it down. Thanks." I'm not typically so short but the chief was cooking up bacon and let's be honest what can compete with the smell and visual stimuli bacon can offer? 

Later that night, I went on the app store and found Pepperplate. Not only is this app FREE it is priceless (that must be the reason it was free). I spent the next two hours collecting all my favorite recipes from my pink notebook and transferring them to Pepperplate. Now everything is online! If I have access to the internet than I can share a recipe with you. 
*Pause while I a single joyful tear rolls down my cheek* 

Without further ado, I introduce you to Pepperplate, may it change your world as it did mine. 

Pepperplate allows you to use varies devices to store, import and retrieve recipes. 

You can add categories to your recipes which makes locating them all the more easier. 

Create a menu for the entire day. This feature even has multiple timers to help you out. The timers made me bust out the jazz hands. 

Plan and share your meals with family or friends. This would be a good way to organize Thanksgiving dinner. Just sayin'.

I love a good monthly chart. Pepperplate allows you to plan a whole month of recipes. I know you power cookers are jumping up and down now! 

From the recipes that you choose for the week you can then generate a shopping list based on those recipes. You can then choose to share or print out your lists. 

This bookmark reminds me of Pinterest because for this reason. You can browse the internet and while doing so, if you come across a recipe you like just click the bookmark and it will add to your recipes on Pepperplate!

For example, I'm browsing Ree's site and I come across a recipe I would like to try. I click on top in my bookmarks bar under "Pepperplate" and a box (to the left pops up). Letting me know that the recipe was added to Pepperplate or in my case I already pinned that recipe. No duplicates! Thank you Jesus! 

In the recipes section of Pepperplate you can view photos and also share your recipes through Twitter and Facebook. 

If you want to import a recipe and don't want to use the bookmark you can manual do so my coping the link that the recipe is located into the blank box. Click "add" and viola your on a roll. 

Sometimes, a site won't be supported by Pepperplate and in that case you have to generate the entire recipe manually. No biggie though. It's as easy as copy and paste. Go to "manual recipe" and copy and paste your information in the appropriate boxes. Click "save" at the end and you are on your way. 

I can't say how much time and space this app has saved me. Hope it rocks your world. 

Happy Tuesday to you!

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Lorenzo O C. said...

If you have an Apple iPad -- consider creating a bookmark in mobile Safari and dropping in the bookmarklet code for Pepperplate. Then you can get content in Pepperplate while browsing the web.