5 Apps that stole my heart

These are in no particular order. 

 The art work is inspiring and original. The plot is though provoking and interactive. I couldn't say enough great things about this app. I think the site let's you download a free demo. You should check it out. 

By the way: *This app is currently on sale in the iTunes store. Don't know how long the sale will last. 

This app rock my world. I love lectures and learning but I can never seem to capture everything I want to remember. *Cue the drum roll* Notability has provided a way to do everything seamlessly. I can record a lecture, take a picture while recording and take notes, all at the same time. Someone pinch me! I need more hands! Seriously, though this app is dynamite. 

3. Pandora

Not only is this app free but it if you are connected to the internet it will mix up some music for you to listen to. I particularly like to listen to Pandora while I'm eating. I just pretend I'm in a fancy restaurant by the ocean. Boom! Just like that. 

 If you aren't familar with "This American Life"it is a radio talk show that catches glimpses of our American Life through stories. This radio station is so well done. It's witty and thought provoking and just plain wonderful. 

This is like Pinterest for food. You can save your favorites for later or just get stuck staring at mouth watering food for hours, your choice. Both are cool with me. 

Hope this helps you stay productive. 
Have a great Tuesday. 

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