Weekend Forecast

I want to learn Spanish yet, I have dedicated absolutely no time to learning. 
This weekend, that is going to change. I'm going to take some time and at least learn how to say "This food is amazing. Can I please have seconds?" in spanish. 

I have highest hopes to buy myself flowers. I deserve a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Come to think of it. I might buy two bouquets and give one away. 

This is my favorite TV show right now. As Mr. Snail so affectionately noted; Sheldon Cooper is a mixture of both me and my husband. This hurts me to type but it is true. 

Did I tell you I'm taking a vegan cooking class? 

You may be scratching your head thinking but she just posted about Orange Scones yesterday. 

So why am I at it again? 

Well for several reasons. 

1. I'm taking a new approach and adding several vegan dishes to our weeknight meals. 

2. I want to be healthy. Honestly, that means cutting back on my sugar intake. I can devour an entire family size carton of ice cream in one sitting. 

3. I have vegan friends and I want to be able to serve them delicious foods that we can all eat together. 

4. It's opening my eyes to a whole new world of food possibilities. 

I signed up for Spork online cooking classes. They are only 7.95 for the whole month.  That is cheaper than any other cooking classes I've looked into. Both Heather and Jenny are super knowledgeable about foods. It's so much more than a cooking class.

I love weekends. Hope yours is full of fun! 

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