The Sharper Your Knife...

Did you know Williams-Sonoma offers free classes? Sometimes they are demonstrating a new overly priced kitchen gadget, but every so often they have a class all about cooking techniques. Most of the time these class are free, which is the perfect price. 

 Knife Knowledge:

1. Don't put your knives in the dishwasher. It ruins them. 

Do you see the rust on that knife (tsk tsk tsk)?

2. Don't use the sharp end of your knife to scrap the food off your cutting board. Over time this will dull your knife. 

3. Like a pair of shoes you have to find a knife that fits your grip. Take some time when you invest in a knife set and ask to look at the knife before you purchase one. 

4. The bread knife can be used to cut food that has a "hard" exterior and a soft middle. Think tomato. 

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Mrs. Veronica said...

Soaking knives in concentrated lemon juice takes the rust off. Don't hold knife with your index pointing out. Grip knife instead puts less pressure on the wrist and uses shoulder instead. I have the green knife set from pc they are super sharp. Cutting bread upside down is easier. Happy Wednesday!