Taco Tuesday: Black Bean Burritos

Black Bean Spicy Burritos

1 can black beans (rinsed and drained) 
1 jalapeno (two if you are feeling extra spicy
1 small onion (red or yellow depends on taste) 
1 lime
Mexican cheese
Corn tortillas 

Heat up your rinsed black beans in a pan over medium heat. When the beans start to warm up start smushing a few beans. You don't have to smush them but I think it makes them taste better. Throw in your jalapeño(s).  Now would be the time to add in the onions as well. Let everything come to temperature. Once everything is heated through, remove pan from heat. 

Warm up your tortillas. Scoop a dollop of the black bean mixture onto your warm corn tortilla and chow down. *Optional: squeeze a little lime juice over your tacos.

Hip Hip Hooray for cheap Taco Tuesday. 

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