CSS Pretty Graduate!

Two weeks ago, this was my blog. Plain and simple just like me. 

That was before I enrolled in Pugly Pixel's CSS Pretty class. 

To say, that I enjoyed the class would be an understatement. I had my "aha" moments and I had some low moments.For example, the time I deleted my entire blog. This would be the day that I cried and declared "I can't do it!!"

This was my response to that crisis on Facebook

After several hours on Google and a few cartons of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We were back in business.

 I'm still working several elements of the blog but isn't she pretty. I sure think so. I'm so proud. For those who are wondering....yes, I did finish the class. I probably won't become a web designer but I feel much more comfortable working with CSS. 

Thanks so much Katrina. You are an excellent teacher! If any of you are interested in learning CSS or just want to make give your blog a makeover, I would highly suggest CSS Pretty .  

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