The Moment Between Moments

Life's short, make it count. 

I don't want to forget the little stuff, but I do. I'm too consumed with grocery lists, library book due dates, and dow jones numbers. 
My head is only so big and yet I try to cram as much as possible into it. Sometimes the really important stuff gets smushed out. 


 I'm so glad I have friends to help me refocus. 

My super artistic friend gave this to me today. This is a picture of Darcy.  What I love most about this picture is that my friend took the time to capture the details. She drew the mountains, which I didn't even realize she noticed. She drew Darcy's tennis ball which one of Darcy's favorite things. She even drew Darcy purple collar and silver dog tag. Did I mention my friend is 2 years old! 
She's super talented. Watch out Rembrandt. 

  My little artist's portrait reminded me to take time for the small details. I don't want to rush through life with a grocery list and bills in my hand. No,I want to remember what color the mountains look at sunset. I want to remember the moment between moments. 

"She treasured these things in her heart."-Luke 2:19

Side note: This portrait is now hanging over Darcy's bed. 


Mrs. Veronica said...

Very cute. We do chase billing on line. Done all in one session. Also you should you tube the power cooking show or tutorials its life changing. So theres more moments between moments.

Laura said...

I have always been curious about power cooking. Maybe it is time to seize the day and you tube it like you said.