The Best Thing I Ate this week: Peach Yogurt with Basil Cookies

Have you ever made something and thought to yourself "I don't know about this?". That is the feeling that I felt as I was making Peach Yogurt with Basil Snickerdoodle Cookies. Have you ever had Basil Snickerdoodle cookies. No? Me either?

But as I always say "You only live once". 

I found this recipe over at Desserts for Breakfast. I'll admit, I felt an immediate connection with this blogger just because of her blog name. I love desserts for breakfast. While others prefer coffee or doughnuts for breakfast, nothing says "Good Morning" better than a bowl of ice cream. This is beside the point. 

So I found this blog....and fell in love with the photography. 
Then I saw the recipes....and my heart did a back flip any Olympian would envy.

Peach Yogurt and Basil Snickerdoodles-Here is the recipe just in case you were wondering. 

I don't have any pictures of the dessert because to be honest it wasn't on the table long enough to take a picture. It was that good. How do I describe it...I felt like I was on the boardwalk with a freshly made gourmet ice cream sandwhich in my hand. MMMMMMM....

Yup. Giddy smile on my face and lounging by the pool. That is exactly what I was feeling the second I bite into my peach ice cream sandwich. 

Happy Thursday Friends.

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