Techie: Learning to Follow.

Let me show you how to subscribe to this blog. I'm a visual learner so there are going to be a lot of photos (sorry in advance).

Here we go.

To get blog posts sent directly to your email address. Do this.

Once you type your email address in the box you will see this prompt 

The first long rectangle will be your email address in the first step. The second rectangle will be a varied group of numbers and letter to verify that you are a human. If you are like me, this took me at least 3 times to get it right. I was screaming at the computer "I'm not a robot!". 

Way to go! Now you are all signed up to recieve all the new posts in  your email box. 

How to follow my Pinterest boards. 

My boards in all their glory. 

To add to Google

Start by click the box under the "Don't miss a single post". 

If you already have a Google account then it will automatically subscribe it to your Google Reader list. 
Viola! You have now subscribe with Google Reader. 

Follow via Blog Lovin

If you are already a member of Bloglovin' then it will just add my blog to your list of blogs. If you aren't a member it is free to join. It is very similar to Google Reader in that it makes it easier to follow, in my case hundreds, of blogs without having to type them in individually. 

Well I hope this helps. Have a great Monday. 

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