Stitched: The Odd Couple's Secret

Right before this photo was taken Fancy Snail (Mr. Snail's mama) exclaimed "okay you two give me your best smiles". This is what she got. This was totally unplanned. This is also the moment that I knew we were so cool. By nature Mr. Snail is a pretty quiet guy. I'm not quiet, unless I am sleeping.

I will admit we are odd but that's fine with us. 

So you wanna know our secret to marital bliss? 


1. Make the boring fun. 

2. Try to find the fun in hard times
This was taken in a very hard and challenging time in our lives. We were far from family in a winter tundra surrounded on every side by bugs the size of small dogs. It was a wonder we survived. 

3.  Don't be so serious about everything all the time. 
I was being way to serious about the pronunciation of life sabers. I say life saver you say life sabers...whatever. 

4. Throw your hands up and say "It's all good". 
We had been planning this date for a long time. Yes, we matched. Yes, people stared. Yes, we were nerdy. It made Mr. Snail's day and I'm sure a few other people got a kick out of it too. I count that a success. 

5. Plan Silly Dates
We seriously rented a hotel room for a day just to watch TV. Silly. Who does that? Weirdoes. 

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