Life: My dad

You thought I was strange? 

You should meet my dad. 

I look like him. 

I act like him (This is the only time I will admit that). 

We both are super goofy and we LOVE sweets. 

So why talk about this crazy old guy. Well, because today is his birthday. 

Things I love about my dad: 

1. He loves dogs. 

"If I had my way, I would own 10 little dogs and they would dig and run around and play all day long."

2. He loves vintage volkswagens.

"I see the beauty beneath the rust and cobwebs. Everything has potential."  

3. My dad has always been a family guy. 

"My kids are my life. You make life interesting and fun."

3. No matter how many times I ask he is always willing to take photos with me. 

"You got to keep practicing so you can get better. Which way do you want me to look?" 

4.  He's not afraid to be goofy. 

I found him today (on his birthday) dancing with Dale (the dog). You want to know the song they were dancing to? 

Apparently, this is "Dale's" song. 

Yup, my dad truly enjoys life and doesn't mind being goofy. 

5. Every time he tells me he's proud of me. 

Happy Birthday Daddy! 

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Anonymous said...

He is an amazing father and I love him to pieces:)