Festival of Arts: Laguna Beach

This is my favorite place in the whole world. 
Laguna Beach. 
I love everything about Laguna Beach from the art to the food. This is also the place that my husband asked me to be his wife. It's a very special place for us. 

This is our anniversary month. Yes, we are silly and celebrate the whole month and not just one day. We do things like look through our wedding album, call our bridesmaids and grooms men and re-watch our wedding video several times. Mushy..yes. Excessive....maybe. 

This weekend we decided to make the drive down there and "just hang out". If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that nothing is casual or normal, there is always a twist. This weekend was no exception. 

So there we are; at Laguna Beach. 

Low and behold, we see people dancing to rendition of the Beatles "Across the Universe". It was so cute and inspiring. It felt like a little paradise in the midst of beach culture. We later found out that what we had stumbled into was Festival of Arts
If you have never visited the Festival of Arts I would highly suggest it. We paid a nominal fee to get in but to be honest I felt like it was worth every dollar. During our visit we sat in on an hour cooking demonstration where we learned to cook Chilled Peach Soup. Sunday is the day that me and Mr. Snail cook together so it was fun to sit and learn new techniques. Come to find out I was sitting by the executive chef's wife (best seat in the house). 

I think the best part for Mr. Snail was the parting gift from the cooking demonstration. Everyone who attended received a locally grown fresh peach. I have to admit, the expression on Mr. Snail's face is accurate. Just for fun, here is the expression on my face after I ate the peach. 

 Buy local food. It makes you exceedingly happy. 

Next up we learned a little about print making. 

Creating great art can make a person quite hungry. When we get hungry it hits us all at once. We needed food pronto. 

This place looked yummy. The draw for us was that it was only open to the public for two months out of the whole year. Fancy! 

Favorite part of my day. 

Was it the perfect day? 

You bet it was. The Festival of Arts is going on through the end of this month. It is a lot of fun and definitely worth the drive. Did I mention you get to speak face to face with the artists? One of the many highlights was talking to an artist about food. When he showed me his work, I almost fell over with excitement. He paints food! I'm still dreaming of his mint ice cream painting. 

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Mrs. Veronica said...

Cool beans! Happy anniversary cousins.