Fail: Trying to be Vegan

Have you heard of a documentary entitled Forks Over Knives?

Well, neither had I, until me and Mr. Snail were skimming through Hulu looking for something interesting to watch. We are total nerds who often spend our weekends watching documentaries and reading books. 
Basically, the gist of the documentary is that meat and diary is going to rob us of our lives through heart disease and other health issues. It is a super interesting documentary, if your into that sorta thing. 

You can watch the whole thing here if you want: 

After watching "Forks Over Knives" me and Mr. Snail decided to go vegan.

 Yup, just like that, I told you that documentary was really good.
We were all excited and we even went to the store to buy "fresh" veggies for our new diet. 

(insert hysterical laughter) 

It was a great idea but we should have thought it through. We both love food and to be totally honest, we especially love meat.

I guess what I am trying to say is we are porkers! 

In all fairness we "were" vegan for a  day. 

We made Peach Mozzarella something whatever pizza. I guess that's not true vegan because it has cheese, but we were really trying. 

Did I mention it was fresh mozzarella made that morning ? 
Are you drooling? 
I was. 
What could go wrong with this pizza? Fresh homemade pizza dough, locally grown peaches and the freshest mozzarella in town? 

I don't know if it was my taste buds throwing a fake vegan fit, but my pizza had not yummy. It wasn't bad either just not very tasty. 

We were so sad. 

We wanted to be vegan so badly. 

I was already dreaming up shirts with baby veggies on it that stated "nothing scares a vegan."

Sadly enough, we ate the crust and threw up our hands in defeat. 

We turned up this song and started dancing in our living room. We don't take defeat too seriously. 

What I learned: 

1. It takes guts to be vegan. It's not for the faint hearted. 

2. We added more veggies to our diet and cut our quanity of meat by half 

3. We have two meatless day a week. 

It's a start. 

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Mrs. Veronica said...

You and big chris got to talk he loves himself some documentaries! We did watch this together and I feel we are naive to what we eat. Every meal has an animal product! My one and only vegan I know says to start little. Replace your milk? Or meatless Mondays which is usually a frijoles night. Sounds simple but its hard to reprogram. Good luck for an extra 20+ years of life!