Drool: Peach Crumb Bars

I had these beauties laying around my kitchen just begging to be "made-over".

I have to be honest, after my last experiment with peaches (utter failure) I was a little apprehensive about working with them again. 

I reassured myself that it was a brand new day, and therefore anything was possible. 

I strolled over to one of my favorite sites: The Brown Eyed Baker to see what peach recipes she was working on. 

She never lets me down with her recipes. 

This time was no exception. I found a recipe for Peach Crumb Bars and the rest is history. 

Mine is more of an open faced crumble tart thing. I didn't read the directions all the way because I was having too much fun dancing around to "Good Times" by Manic Drive. 

If you like peaches then you must try this recipe

*High Five Brown Eyed Baker* 

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