30 Days of Lists

Confession: I'm a lister! 

I love to make lists on the backs of receipts, toilette paper, my hand, basically anything that is within reach is a prime candidate for a list. 

Amy  and Kam have artfully put together a month long challenge. Basically, every day they post a topic and you spend a few minutes writing a list on that topic. That is the skinny latte version. 

The price is unbeatable (8 bucks). Want to register? Click Here

In the spirit of lists, I though I would make a little list to get us started. 

Why I love 30 Days of Lists

1. It is a quick and easy

2.  For 5 minutes a day I feel like I can "got my craft on". 

3. Opportunity to make a cute little journal.

4.  Meet new creative blog friends (this is my favorite)

5.  Learn something new about myself.

Happy Thursday Friends. 
I hope your day sparkles. 

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Campfire Chic said...

Thanks for sharing around 30 Days of Lists! I love your confession at the beginning :)