Drool: Calzones

I wish that Apple would create a computer that had the ability to put your nose up the screen and sniff. If that technology is out there I sure wish I knew about it for your sakes. With the help of my dear friend Little Miss Sunshine I made the most wonderful calzones I have ever tasted (sorry BJ's). 

First we used Williams-Sonoma Pizza Dough recipe. Which only took an hour to make so I thought that was pretty good as other recipes I have used in the past take several hours. When the dough was ready we filled our pizza with cheese, turkey pepperoni (less fat) and sausage. We preheat the oven to 500 brushed the tops of the calzone with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled it chopped herbs from my garden. We let them bake for 8-11 minutes. It was dynamite. 


Anonymous said...

I had a calzone for lunch today too after having a delightful conversation with u ;)

Ana Cooks said...

it looks delicious!!!

Simply Life said...

calzones are one of our favorite meals- these look GREAT!