DIY: Smash Book


 I have been secretly coveting something at Micheal's. 
Don't hate. 
You know you've done it before to.

Every time I go into Micheal's I pass by this roll of tape and I touch it. Just so I can have the feeling that we are together. Silly? I know. Seriously, I couldn't find any reason to buy it. I tried a trillion times to thing of a logical reason for needed it and alas, I had none to satisfy my "reasonable adult self". Blah! Boo! 

I have always been a lover of all things notebook. I think my favorite time of year might be the start of the school year. I used to love (still do) walking down the aisles of brand new school supplies. Aside from smelling the crayons I yearn to buy every notebook and composition notebook available. I was born to be a student. 

Then one day, out of the blue, I was leisurely shopping. Now, those of you who know me on a personal level are doing one of two things right now. 1. You are laughing hysterically, because I don't stroll through stores, rather I am like a quarter back with the touchdown in site. "Move it, or loose it granny!". 2. You just yelled "LIAR!" at your computer because you know I like going shopping almost as much as I like going to the dentist. For those of you who are getting to know me and love shopping, you probably just took me off your Google reader. (insert sad face). 

Anyway back to my story. So there I was shopping... well sorta. I was standing there gawking at this roll of tape (wipe drool from my chin) and I took the time to look down and see that there is a book to go along with the tape. Genius! That is what the tape was used for! This little notebook was so cute. It had scrapbook pages on the inside and a cute little pen/glue stick. After furthering observation, I started to understand that this book was called a Smash Book. 

So what is a Smash Book? I asked myself. No clue. Go home. Google it. 

Basically, a smash book is a busy person's way of scrapbooking. That's the best way I can describe it. Didn't like that explanation? Fine. Check out this video. 

After finding out about Smash books. I wanted the tape and the book. I looked through some of the books and I didn't like the size. I didn't like the pages that were inside the book. A black rain cloud was headed my way and in an effort not to break down in the middle of the store I diverted my attention to the scrapbooking aisle. 

Aww..the silver lining. 

I bought this brick of scrap paper and some double stick tape and it was smooth sailing from there. I took two pages of paper and with pretty side facing out I taped them together. I did this so that I could have pretty paper on both sides. 

I then took my little cute self down to Staples and had the whole thing bound for about 5 bucks. Sweet. 
(The books at Micheal's were like 10 bucks I think but they were a little bigger. They also had less pages then I have in mine.) 

So I got my cool new gel pens (so 10 years ago) and my tape and my cool Smash book all for less than 10 dollars. On a side note: this also solved my problem of not having anywhere to put my 100 Days of Summer pictures. Problem= solved!


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