Darcy's Beach Day

Have you ever been a doggie beach? 
Me neither. 
That is until today.

Apparently Mr. Snail had been thinking about taking Darcy and myself down to the doggie beach for a while now. I didn't even know about doggie beaches until today. These beaches are so neat! We went on a morning stroll where we saw dogs playing in the waves and doggie paddling and barking and having a lovely time. Darcy stood on the trail and stared wide eyed and amazed. We decided that although we weren't dressed to go in the water that we had to take her down to see the ocean. I mean she's a Cali dog she deserves to touch the ocean with her paw. 

Once her paw touched the ocean something came alive in her eyes and she was bounding around in the sand and digging holes and having such a wonderful time. As we were driving home, I looked behind me and this is what I saw. 

I guess she had a good time playing in the sand. It always amazes me how much fun a little pound puppy can have when someone takes the time to show her a little love. 
Have a great weekend friends.

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