Stitched: A Marriage Worth Fighting for

Hey Friends,
I have been wanting to write a little series about marriage for a long time now. I thought waiting till valentine's day was way too cliche (plus I'm too excited to wait that long). I haven't been married very long (going on 6 years woot! woot!). But there are a few things I have learned along the way and I thought it might be helpful to share some of those things here on my blog. Feel free to comment.  The more comments the better,  it will add to the richness of the conversation.

Stitched: A Marriage Worth Fighting For

 Homemade: it's a little of good and bad, but mix it together long enough and you have "priceless". 

Marriage can be like that....priceless. 

Please note that I never said easy. 

I wish someone had told me when I first got married that it was going to take some work. Even with Prince Charming as your wing man (sorry ladies...he's taken :)).

Somewhere along the way I gained "love fat". I blame it on too many drive-thru romances (thanks a lot Disney!)I began to  realize that I  don't always get to wear the glass slipper; sometimes I  have to wear  dirt covered boots and get to work. 

Earlier in our marriage I didn't want to work on my marriage. I thought we were odd balls because the way I saw it everyone's marriage looked like something out of a Brady Bunch episode and ours looked like a re-run of I Love Lucy. Who wants to be a black and white re-run? Not me.

I began to realize that snacking on "fast food love" caused me to have unrealistic expectations of life and my marriage. Time to shape up. Train for the marathon of marriage. Whenever I think of training I always think of Rocky so to demonstrate my point further watch the clip below. 

I am training like Rocky to get the top of the stairs feeling!

The point: 
Like training marriage can be tough but it is worth the effort. 

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