Stitched: Being Besties

My definition of a best friend: 

*Don't steal your girl's man. Ever. That's just mean. 
*Support one another by listening to each other. This could take hours. 
*Will act silly with you so you won't do it alone. 
*Friendship bracelets! I'm kidding. Not really. 
* Chick flicks into the night with a carton of ice cream. 

Mr. Snail's definition of a best friend: 
* Hang out doing whatever. No plan. 

We both had a lot of growing up to do. 

I began to understand that being besties means that you need to give the other person time off. At first I was really hurt by the idea that Mr. Snail didn't want to spend every waking minute with me (I'm one cool chick!). My "fun time" meant hanging out with him so why didn't his "fun time include me? My mind started to wander about how he didn't like me as much as I liked him, and silly things like that.  That's when I went to the dark side and tried to make him jealous by pretending that I was doing cooler stuff without him (your loss!). 

So much to learn so little time. 

On the other hand, Mr. Snail was learning that "hanging out" didn't involve me sitting for hours watching him play World of Warcraft.

Eventually we leveled out. 

I learned that he needs the "bro time". It's still a mystery but it's important. He learned that I don't like video games at all unless its Zelda. We began to respect each other's time and interests. 

That's when we really started to become besties. 
(He still won't wear the BFF 4 EVER key chain but it's cool.)

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