Stitched: 12 Questions Every Couple Should Ask

I've mentioned before that marriage is like training for a marathon. Remember the Rocky Clip? 
That being said, it is crucial to take a break and check your relationship vitals. 
In other words, take a break. Here are some good questions to ask your significant other to "check the temperature". 

12 Questions Every Couple Should Ask

*What makes you feel respected? 

*What are your hobbies? 

*5 Things you wish I knew.

* How can I work together with you to make more time for your hobbies/friends? 

*If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? 

* What makes you feel scared? 

* What qualities do you look for in a best friend? 

*What makes you angry? 

* How can I support you better? 

* What makes you laugh? 

* Describe a perfect day.

* How can I respect you more in the midst of a disagreement? 

Suggestion: Don't ask all of these questions at once. If your significant other is confident in knowing that you won't argue over the answers that are given, you are more likely to get honest answers to your questions. With that being said, honesty hurts at first. I had to pray and ask God to soften my heart to my husband's answers so I wouldn't be offended but rather truly listen and learn. 

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