Pantry Face: Body Scrub

What's better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? I believe that would have to be showering with this body scrub by Adelyn Stone

I gathered my ingredients...

What makes me extremely happy is that one could essentially eat all the ingredients that will be going into the body scrub. I guess it is the kid in me that wants to eat my soap. 

We weren't sure if it would stop up our finicky drain so I decided to use it on my feet and wash it into my garden. Do you know coffee grounds are good for your garden? It was like a two for one deal. I exfoliated my tired ugly feet and feed my garden. Score. 

I really liked this scrub because it was easy to make and smelt amazing. Remember to test sample a little on hand to make sure you aren't allegoric to it before you put it on your face. 

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