Necessary Introductions

Hi Friends,
Welcome to The Snail's Life. My name is Laura and I love to eat exceptional food, laugh in the company of friends, and read exciting novels about far unknown places. I am learning a great many things about God, myself and other people. I hope that through this blog inspires you and makes you laugh. Thanks so much for stopping in! Comments make my day so feel free to leave one for me.

My Favorites..

This is Mr. Snail, my smoking hot husband and best friend. 

This is Darcy.  Darcy's "neato" feature is that she doesn't walk she prances like a show dog. She's a rescue dog who stole our hearts.

Dale is a grouch. He also happens to be Darcy's best friend. Despite his cantankerous ways Darcy thinks he's a kindred spirit. I think he secretly thinks the world of Darcy's visits but he keeps that to himself. 

Thanks for coming by, we enjoyed your company.

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