(esp. of clothing) Flattering a person's appearance.
The process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.
Synonyms:proper - suitable - seemly - fit - appropriate - fitting

I learned the word "becoming" from my mom. As I was growing up she would say things like "your just becoming who you are" or "Laura hurting people's feeling isn't very becoming". I didn't  understand the gravity of that word until last week (only took 28 years mom). 

I think she used the "becoming" because it implies that change is possible. It isn't a concrete word but rather a noun that grows with you as you grow up. 

As a girl beauty was a top priority for me. Am I thin enough? Is my hair long enough? Do guys like me? The list goes on. 

Everything has its place but for me it was a little out of balance. Luckily, my mom had a better perspective on the subject of beauty. She taught me that true beauty is found through character. She told me that character is something that is more stunning with age and practice. Character isn't for the weak, and sometimes it doesn't feel worth the time you take to develop it, but it's worth all the work. 

This is the first of many, in a series I have entitled "Becoming". I'm excited. I wanted to leave you with this song by Mainstay entitled "Become Who You Are". Enjoy friends.

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